My time goes toward...

family. I try to spend as much time as I can with my amazing wife and two (almost three!) wonderful little girls. Those relationships deserve my utmost attention.

writing. I really enjoy writing. I write for my personal blog and do most of it with pen and paper. I know. Weird.

podcasting. I co-host a show about the books I'm reading with Mike Schmitz called Bookworm. I also co-host Theoretical Accountability with Josh Rensch, which is about our goals and keeping each other on track. But that's not enough so I started a third with Drew Coffman about productivity and technology called Whims That Work.

development. A core part of my business is web development. I work on a few of my own projects but I also do quite a bit of work for clients.

Director of IT. I have a part-time position at our church managing anything that has a cord beyond a power supply or connects to WiFi.